Welcome to our training. 🙂  We hope, that you will enjoy it and find it useful at your work and private life.  

To make it an efficient and energetic experience, we would like to ask you for some easy preparation:

Prepare questions, or problems that you would like to discuss with our trainer and other participants. Focus on practical issues that you find challenging, or real-life examples you want to consult. We plan a low-theory and high-exercises diet for our workshop 😉

Organise your daily tasks the way, that allows you to focus on learning only: plan a “out of office” e-mail replay, ask colleagues not to call you, etc.

Dress casually – to boost comfort and creativity.

Eat light – to keep your blood in your brain, not stomach.

For online training:

Plan to have camera and mike ON most of the day (we spend most time on small-groups exercises and brainstorming). Make sure, that you can open these 3 links, too (you should be able to see our logo and Welcome word).  If these app do not work on your computer, consult IT please.




Thank you and we hope to see you soon 🙂

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